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Welcome to my Portfolio

I am a passionate about eating whole, healthy foods for vibrant health! I am graduate of Utah State University's Coordinated Dietetics Program and excited to share my thoughts on food with the world. Please feel free to look through my portfolio to learn more about me and my accomplishments during my journey of becoming a dietitian.


I believe a healthy life begins with a 



Living life to it's fullest potential requires the knowledge and implementation of a healthy diet. When you're consistantly eating foods that are benefiting, rather than harming your body, you can live a happier, more fulfilling life. 

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A healthy lifestyle is something that can come naturally and effortlessly with correct knowledge. Contact me if you'd like to collaberate or if you want to know more. 


Hayley was always so positive to work with. She was always on time and ready to work. She actively seeked out the next step and works well independently.


Casey Maher Coombs (Preceptor)


eat good


It's not a diet, it's not a phase, it's a permanent lifestyle change.

My education has taught me the importance of nourishing a body with healthy food. I have learned strategies and tools to make the goal of healthy eating more acheivable.

I want to help people make healthy eating a priority by building personal awareness, abilities and confidence to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. 




Hayley is great at taking initiative and making confident decisions. She is efficient and has a great way of interacting with people and patients.


Abbey Carlson (Preceptor)

Hayley is very personable and always has a great attitude. She is very teachable and seems genuinely interested in learning. She does a great job.


Joe Hagloch (Preceptor)



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